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PMOL Contest: Sisters by DawnsyBebo PMOL Contest: Sisters by DawnsyBebo
Well I'm cutting it close as this contest ends tommorow, but hey, I did it!
This was a super fun contest for the "Month of Love" making scenes with Lopoddity 's characters!

I have chosen Skyla and her older sister Flurry Heart for this. I love the story that Lop has come up with and the dynamics between them :happybounce: 

This is a theoretical scenario for if/when Flurry comes back to visit her family after being away with her secret love, Ember. (I changed Flurry's mane style a bit, hope that's okay.)

I know "Love" isn't quite what one might think when you see the picture, but that's what the dialogue is for, enjoy! (Real first time doing dialogue so I hope it's okay)


Skyla glided over the Crystal Empire, from her bedroom window in the castle down towards the streets. She gazed over the houses, watching the few remaining ponies walking home for the night as the sun set casting purple and gold colors across the sparkling buildings.

After a hard days work Skyla was trying to escape from the castle for some fresh air. She landed in the outskirts and walked slowly down the street, hooves making quiet clicking noises on the crystal ground.

Skyla reached the end of a street and slumped down looking out at the Crystal fields surrounding the empire. Suddenly a shape flew over head, Skyla looked up quickly, alarmed. 

The shape circled back around and started to come towards Skyla. The Pegasus mate stumbled back onto her feet and narrowed her eyes trying to make out the approaching figure.
There was a loud clapping sound as the pony landed and in the view of the street light Skyla could see them rather quickly. Hardly believing her eyes she gaped. "Flurry Heart?"

The alicorn princess, so long had she been gone yet there she stood. "La-la?" She asked, also partially in awe. "What are you doing out here in the streets?"

Skyla quickly regained her composure "What? No, what are you doing here!? You've been gone for years, and you just show up, so randomly? What the heck?!"

Flurry Heart looked guilty "I'm sorry Skyla... It's a long story."


After much explaining the two sisters feel, silent, staring at each other, not sure what to say or think.

Flurry Heart bowed her head "I'm so sorry I left like I did Skyla, I knew I had to come back and see you though, to catch up. You-youve grown so much."

Skyla lifted her head, her mane partially covering her face from Flurry's view she sighed. "You thought it would be so simple. Do you have any idea, what the consequences to your actions might have been?"

Flurry Heart looked surprised at Skyla's tone. "La-la? What's wrong?"

"Please. Don't call me that." Skyla turned to face her sister, almost glaring at her. "You cared to little about your duties when you lived here! Then you just abandon them! You abandon your family! Your subjects! Your empire! You-you abandon me!"

"La-- I mean Skyla."

"You didn't think about us back home? Only your self and how being a princess was too much work for you!" Skyla had raised her voice, and her eyes watered slightly.

Flurry Heart opened her eyes wide in alarm. "No no no! Skyla, little sister! You have no idea how much I care for you! I love you, and mother and father, so so much. Being a princess was just...not for me." She sighed "I hope you know how much I love you." A fat tear rolled down one of Flurry's cheeks, she smiled slightly and stepped towards the smaller pink mare, stretching out her wing to embrace her.

Skyla pulled away, flaring her wings up and pointing an accusing hoof at her older sister. "I have no idea? You really have no idea! Do you? How much I cared, I looked up to you Flurry! You, so perfect, yet unhappy....but so, so kind." Tears rolled down Skyla's cheeks as well. "I looked up to you..."

Flurry Heart smiled slightly. "Oh Skyla you looked up to me? I feel honored. You? The well accomplished, talented and beautiful Princess Skyla? Oh little sister I love you with all my heart, I never meant to hurt you, maybe I should have been more considerate, I'm so sorry of course dear sister. Can you forgive me?"

Skyla's expression of anger melted, she looked into her sisters eyes. The beautiful perfect eyes, that looked so kindly upon everyone, how could she not forgive her? A sob shook Skyla's shoulders, the stress of the day catching up to her. 

Flurry Heart wrapped her massive wings around Skyla and the pink pegasus went limp in her embrace, leaning into her soft feathers. "Flurry I love you." 

Flurry broke into a huge smiled and hugged Skyla tighter. "Oh little sister, I love you with all the magical love of the crystal heart. I wish I had been there for you, but I promise-"

"Oh Flurry, I can be alright on my own. You don't have to promise anything. Although, you are planning to go see mom and dad...right?" 

Flurry Heart nodded "That is the plan."

Skyla smiled. "Though I'd prefer you not mention my sappy emotional break down."

"No guarantees."
"Flurry fart."


"Can we hug just a little bit longer?"

"Of course little sister." 

Heart Love 
MLP/Flurry Heart © Hasbro
Skyla belongs to Lopoddity 
Art © Me

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Very cute!
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Thank you!
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